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Lurgan Model Primary School & Nursery

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Who’s Who

Under current legislation the Board of Governors is responsible for managing the school.


Board of Governors Membership 2018 - 2023

Board Representatives Mrs L Currie & Ms R Harbinson 

Transferors Mr T Enderby (Chairperson) & Mrs L McDonald & Mr G Pelan

Parent Representatives Mrs A Carbery & Mrs F McKerr

Principal Mr N Campbell (Hon Secretary)

Teacher Representative Mrs L Spence


Principal and Vice Principal

Principal Mr N Campbell
Vice Principal Mrs L Spence



Specialist Provision - Social & Communication Class (SCC) Mrs H Wethers

Nursery Mrs S McKinney 
Year 1 Mrs M Towe
Year 2 Mrs U Leighton
Year 3 Mrs J Roderick  & Mrs T Whelan
Year 4 Mrs L Spence (Vice Principal)
Year 5 Mrs M King 
Year 6 Mrs L Brown
Year 7 Mr G O’Hagan

Additional Support withdrawal teacher Mrs T Whelan


Other Staff

Secretary Mrs C Campbell 

Premises Supervisor Mr J McIlwaine

Nursery Assistant Ms J McKay

Classroom Assistants Mrs A Forker (Year 1), Mrs B McGrath (Year 2)

Special Needs Assistants Mrs M Haughey, Mrs M McSherry, Ms C Donnelly, Miss F Gray, Ms S McVeigh, Miss K McVeigh, Miss S Hendron, Miss E O'Neill, Miss C Dickson, Ms J Forde, Miss M Ganley

Cleaning Staff Mrs S Halfpenny and Ms B Sivakova

Supervisory Assistants Mrs D Hyndman, Mrs S Halfpenny and Miss M Ganley

Patrol Crossing Miss M Ganley

School Meals Mrs J Graham, Mrs J Loughran