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Lurgan Model Primary School & Nursery

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Our History

The 'Model' School... since 1863.

Lurgan Model pictured above, photograph believed taken not long after opening. Shankill Parish Church of Ireland steeple visible to right of photograph. 


The photograph below shows a steam train stopping at Lurgan train station with the school visible in the background. Also, postcard style image of the original school before the addition of the red-brick extension in the 1950's.

Lurgan Model opened to pupils on March 2nd 1863. To put this into historical context, 1863 was the year the President of the United States signed the Emancipation Proclamation. We opened our doors to pupils two months after Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves!


The school was opened in 1863 as part of the 'Model' school system operating in Ireland at that time. As such, the school was established for ALL children, regardless of religion and was proudly non-denominational. This ethos has been maintained throughout the subsequent generations. This ethos was reaffirmed and strengthened in June 2022, when 99.4% of parents voted for the school to become an Integrated School. 


The school building is considered historically significant and is Grade B2 listed. It also features as a waypoint on the Lurgan Historical Society Walking Tour (see link below).


For more historical information regarding the school, check the website links below. 

The school enjoys links with a range of partners to explore the history of our town and our place within it. We partnered with Lurgan Townscape Heritage and a number of other local schools to explore Lurgan’s history from the town’s foundation in 1610 to the present day.