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Full attendance is essential so that pupils may benefit fully from their education. Pupils absent for any period of time must hand in a note on the day of return, written by the parent or guardian, stating the reason for absence or the parent can use our website “Report Absence” feature. A phone call to the school is also appreciated. Pupils who are absent at irregular intervals or without reasonable excuse are automatically referred to the Educational Welfare Officer (EWO) for appropriate action.


The school does not authorise absences from school during term time, unless there are specific, mitigating circumstances. Unauthorised absences from school during term time are noted as such on the register and viewed by the EWO. We value the information in, “School Attendance Matters a Parents Guide" (DENI) available below and ask parents to familiarise themselves with this important document. 

If you need to return to your home country for a valid reason, you can apply for a period of extended leave, up to a maximum of three weeks. You will be required to provide evidence for the need to travel. If approved by the Department of Education officials, the absence will be recorded as “authorised”. Please contact us to arrange a meeting, if you wish to avail of this Department of Education initiative. 

Education Welfare Service (EWO)

Every school has a link Education and Welfare Officer (EWO). Their aim is to reduce unnecessary absences from school by offering support and help to pupils, parents and schools.  A school must make a referral to Education Welfare Service when a pupils' attendance is a cause for concern or when attendance drops below 85%.

The EWO can suggest things that parents can do to help improve matters, can offer to go to the school with parents to talk to the staff about any problems and what needs done or can attend the school on their behalf to try and find solutions to any barriers to attendance. The EWO can put parents in touch with other agencies that may be able to offer further advice and help. If there are issues of a practical nature, the EWO can also offer advice about free school meals, uniform grants and transport to school.

Department of Education - Attendance Matters - A Parents Guide

If your child is absent from school, you can use the template below to notify the teacher of the reason for absence or report your child’s absence using the “report your child absent” page on our website. 

Lurgan Model Absence Note Template