Policies and other documents

The school has recently reviewed its Child Protection Policy and procedures and endeavours to do so on a bi- annual basis. A copy of the Policy can be requested free at any time from the designated teacher Mrs L Spence, and in her absence the deputy designated teacher Mr G O’Hagan. Lurgan Model has a safeguarding Team. Parents receive our school safeguarding leaflet on a regular basis.

Full attendance is essential so that pupils may benefit from their schooling. Pupils absent for any period of time must hand in a note on the day of return, written by the parent or guardian, stating the reason for absence. A phone call to the school is also appreciated. Pupils who are absent at irregular intervals or without reasonable excuse are automatically referred to the Educational Welfare Officer (EWO) for appropriate action.

The school does not authorise absences from school during term time. Unauthorised absences from school during term time are noted as such on the register and viewed by the EWO. We value the information in “School Attendance Matters a Parents Guide (DENI) available from school.